Jessica Pemble

This picture of Jessica is just a sample of this beautiful woman.  She is a Yoga enthusiast, rock climber and creator of Prasada Cosmetics, an organic line of skin and beauty products.  She toured Asia and Australia this past winter.  The Kimbo’s give Jessica more confidence out in the outdoor environments she encounters on a daily basis.  She says, “They work great!  They are easy to use, functional, and with no learning curve.” Get them today! 

Cheyne Lempe

Shown here is Cheyne and his friend Ethan. Cheyne Lempe is shown in the back taking a hiking break; he is a sponsored athlete, artist and Yosemite Search and Rescue hero. He has a thick and interesting history of his climbing experiences.  He has done 2 seasons in Patagonia, setting climbing records on Cerro Fitz Roy.  Cheyne has graced the magazine cover of “Alpinist 39” and been written about and photographed for many climbing journals.  He is starting yet another season of Search and Rescue in Yosemite while establishing another climbing record on El Cap.  He just finished touring Asia and is equipped with a brand new pair of Kimbo’s crotchless shorts!  Click here to learn more about Cheyne Lempe. 


Brenda Picht

Brenda is a perfect example of a strong woman brought up enjoying nature in one of the most beautiful places in the country, Grand Rapids, Minnesota.  She grew up on the lakes, became a great fisherman and married another great
fisherman, which I’ll have to find out if they got married on a lake!  She has graced magazines, “Outer Boundary Magazine” being her latest.  She is a leader in a male dominated sport.  Guess what? There are no bathrooms in these lakes she competes on. When you are a ways from shore, there are not a lot of options.  At the latest NPAA conference, she was excited to tell the other women all about Kimbo’sBrenda is quoted as saying, “Kimbo’s bring modesty back to a new generation of women in the outdoors”.  Let’s run with that, buy your crotchless shorts today and never pee half naked again!