24 Mar .99 cent BIG GULP, Worth Every Penny

I was just told an uncomfortable but quite common story.  I just wish she would have come to me sooner so that “Kimbo’s” could have been in the “Thank God I had Kimbo’s” ending.

She goes on to tell me…

There we all were, coming home during rush hour and I totally had to pee!  We were about half way home and there was an accident or something ahead of us on the freeway.  Stuck between exits in crawling traffic, I just had to go.  With no rescue in sight I had to weasel my clothes off and I’m half naked in the car squatting next to the back seat peeing in a “Big Gulp” cup.  I know the guys in the truck next to us got a free show, and the driver had to plug his ears and close his eyes but thank God for the Big Gulp cup!

She will now be the newest owner of “Kimbo’s”.  She can now pee wherever and whenever she wants without the side show of nudity. I will never look at a Big Gulp cup the same again.  Resourcefulness gets big points though.


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